Mary M

Marti is great! - She challenges every inch of my body on a weekly basis and always with a different technique... pilates, yoga, weight training, even good old fashioned push ups... and she does it with a smile. I've never had another trainer, but couldn't imagine a better one!

Karen F

Marti is exceptional! Her 25 years vast personal training experiences coupled with enthusiasm keeps me from being bored during my training.

Susan A

Marti Murphy has been the first face I have seen for morning exercise for almost 12 Years. She has changed my life in ways that are hard to measure. As a result, I have great functional strength and flexibility to keep the aging aches and pains away. I am happy with my body and the way it feels to live for the first time in my life! Most importantly, I feel like I actually live in my entire body. I have learned to listen to my body when it is trying to tell me what it needs. How can one put a price on health and well being?

Colleen M

I started working with Marti in January of 2009.  I am thrilled with the results.  She always makes it fun and effective.   I am finally toned and strong.  My body has learned so much from her.

Deloris A

I credit Marti Murphy with improving the quality of my life!

Both my father and my mother died of the effects of strokes. I feared I was destined for the same fate when I was felled by a stroke in 2005. In the weeks that followed, I was bed bound. The simple act of lifting an arm was agony. I needed a wheelchair to get to the next room.

I sat up in bed for meals. I could eat and speak, although my brain regularly cut out without warning. It seemed that a part of me had indeed died.-the independent career woman. Although I never felt vegetative, neither did I feel fully alive.

My husband thought physical therapy could speed my recovery. I had a vision of rolling my wheelchair into a gym for an appointment with someone who would have the expectation that I could stand, lift weights, and skip out at the end of the session. I didn't even like going out to a movie, let alone to a place where some physical feat would be required of me. I didn't want to make public display of my ineptitude.

My husband contacted Marti Murphy, and with her, the things I dreaded were never an issue. She came to our house for our sessions. It was always a pleasure to see her. Her good humor and patience made it easy for me to try the exercises she taught. Her confidence in my abilities has been an inspiration.

Now, four years later, I am measurably stronger. Immediately after the stroke, my short-term memory was so bad that I used to say the stroke had crashed my hard drive, as if my brain were a computer whose memory was erased. Working with Marti - perhaps because restoring my muscles has improved my circulation - has improved my memory along the way.

I continue to improve. I still tire easily, but I learn more with each session with Marti. I rely on her experience and expertise to alert me to the time to learn fresh skills, such as climbing stairs.

Steve F

Marti has been working with me for almost six years now, and she has been tremendously helpful to me in so many ways. Of course, her instruction and coaching has helped me improve my fitness and consequently my quality of life, but she has been instrumental in helping me change my whole attitude toward life.

Marti is so perceptive, accurately assessing both my physical and mental state, and then patiently steering me toward a better place. What makes Marti so unique is her holistic approach. She knows that lifelong fitness will not happen because she is "cracking the whip" so to speak, but will come from the personal commitment to fitness she helps to instill in her clients.

Marti has a great variety of activities she uses for fitness training, including core strengthening, flexibility exercises, circuit training, weights, aerobics, and many more. She is always changing the routine so that it is never boring and always very comprehensive and appropriate for my state at the time. Whenever I get those all too common aches and pains that come with aging she is careful not to stress whatever may be the problem at the moment, and suggests activities that always seem to help alleviate the discomfort.

If you are looking for someone to help you get on track with your health, fitness, and quality of life, you won't find anyone better than Marti!

One of my very favorite things about Marti is her wonderful sense of humor. She has made a huge difference in my life, and I am very grateful!